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Written by Anthony Moro

We have all been there – it’s the middle of the afternoon, stuck at the office or in traffic and you’re starving. If you’re like most of our members, you head to the gym after work on your way home, but before dinner. How do you get a fast lunch or a pre-workout meal without stopping at Taco Bell or Culvers? Check out the three most common tips I give to my client’s every time they ask me for advice with this issue:

1. SFH Fuel Protein Packs

This is the quickest and easiest way to get some calories into your system. SFH is a brand that uses protein from grass fed cows, fats from coconuts, and carbs from apples. I recently got hooked on SFH because of their responsible choice of ingredients, and the caloric ratios are in line with Coach Lisa’s Nutritional Coaching. The most convenient thing about SFH Fuel is that it comes in individual serving packets, just bring your shaker and a bottle of water and you’re ready to go!

*Beginning in September, we will be carrying SFH in the gym so you are able to purchase it conveniently! Stay tuned for its arrival!

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2. Plan Ahead, Meal Prep

The absolute best way to ensure you have healthy meals all week long is to prepare all of your lunches on Sunday and portion them out in tupperware so you can just grab-and-go every morning. This is the preferred method because you can season food to your taste, use fresh ingredients that you like (instead of having to pick out the peas, like me), and best of all, it’s your cheapest method! You can reuse the containers that you pack your meals into which saves some packaging costs and it’s environmentally friendly if you’re conscious to that.


3. Ice Age Meals

If you’re like me, and kind of lazy on your Sunday off of work and forget to meal prep – check out Ice Age meals! I just started a new coaching job at the Navy base, which is about an hour drive each way and have very little time to prepare my meals. At night, I take two Ice Age Meals out of the freezer (different recipes daily) and put them into my lunch cooler. Overnight they thaw enough so that when I get to work in the morning, I just pop one into the microwave for 5:00 and have a pretty awesome paleo breakfast on my way to the base pool with the other coaches. I have already gotten a few of them hooked because of the convenience and it also helps that they make the team room smell great while I’m heating them up!

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Do you have any other creative way to eat great on the go? Tell me about them in the comments!

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