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Karen M.

“I started at Moro Performance at the end of August last year (2016). I had lost about fifty pounds at the time I started their challenge class and I knew the fourth quarter at work would probably ruin all the hard work I had done to lose the weight. With the imminent future holding out stress of my job, grieving of close family members, various parties and major holidays I knew I could not maintain the weight loss without serious change from what I had done in the past. That is when I was on Facebook and saw Moro Performance. This was the change I was looking for, but I was scared because I could not perform sit ups, pushups or running in any capacity and had never heard of CrossFit before beginning.

The challenge class was three times a week for six weeks. On our very first class, Lisa Wishmann (co-owner/trainer) took a picture of our group after our workout. I remember distinctly having to literally crawl on the floor to pose for the picture. My fears for the first class included being too heavy or big, not having stamina, being the oldest one there, getting hurt, gaining weight or simply giving up. I soon learned that I was among people that had some or most of my own challenges and we would inspire each other to be our best.

At CrossFit there is no showmanship, no cockiness or ego trips allowed because everyone is different and constantly challenging themselves at different levels. Personally, I was just about always the slowest at timed activities and had the least amount of weight on the bar, however I was the one most encouraged by others regardless of their own skill level.

The training team at Moro Performance guided us at all times during the challenge so that we would be safe and encouraged to meet goals. You do not know what the goals for the class will be until you get there and see what is planned for the day on the display board. This, in my opinion, was a nice feature because we could not anticipate what was in store for us for the workouts, thus we could not make excuses like, “oh I don’t want to do that today!” or “that’s too hard for me.” Instead once we got ourselves to the gym, we surprised ourselves with what we could do and by later in the challenge we surpassed what we once thought were our own “limitations.”

My personal transformation at the gym occurred when I was able to do things that I never thought were possible, when I overcame my personal fears in my own mind. That “overthinking” voice soon learned to quiet as I became more familiar with movements and concentrated in building strength to my body’s core. By the end of the challenge I was at my personal best in countless ways. Most impressive was being physically fit like never before!

As a result, I was down to my goal weight (135 lbs) and fitting into sizes (size 4 jeans!) that I had never been able to wear even as a teenager! My kids 18, 16, 13 and my husband supported me by eating healthy and encouraging me to join Moro Performance after the challenge.

The hardest thing about this challenge, or life in general, is to honor and love yourself enough to do what is right for your body. Eating healthy and exercise (through CrossFit!) clears your mind tremendously, helps you set/reach goals and most importantly affords you the chance to live life to the vey fullest in the healthiest way possible. Please come to the gym for you and for your health, you will not be disappointed in what you are able to accomplish.

Thank you very much to Lisa, Danni and Anthony. They are the very best of the best trainers and Moro Performance is the perfect gym for me! I thank each of them for the catalyst of change that the six-week challenge represents on my own personal health and fitness journey.”

Karen Transformation
Melanie C.

“My dad told me over the summer (in 2016) as we were hiking around the north rim at the Grand Canyon, that he hoped that I would never give up on myself. That some of the battles that we face are harder than other – he was referencing my most recent weight gain from the stress and anxiety felt from my first year of teaching back in the States.

I started at Moro Performance in a New You Challenge, after seeing a post on Facebook.

I was, to say the least, obese and not flexible what so ever. But, I met the New You Challenge head on – officially adopting CrossFit and paleo not as a diet, but as a lifestyle change. I came out of the challenge with some pretty amazing results; I was down 20 pounds and had lost inches almost everywhere.

So, I forged on. Today I’ve been part of the Moro Performance family for a total of eight months. The coaches (Anthony, Lisa and Danni) are super welcoming, motivating, and inspiring. Class sizes are small, form and safety and kept in high regard, and if you can’t complete something, exercises are always modified to be more manageable.

Back in November, I started to obsessively talk about CrossFit, paleo, and my successes to my family, friends, coworkers, and just about anyone who would listen. In the process, my youngest brother decided to join a CrossFit box and my mom took on a fit for life challenge workout and lifestyle. Change is everywhere, you just have to take the leap of faith and say yes.

Yes, there may be some days when you feel like you’re going to die during a workout, but you survive to live another WOD, thanks to the love and support of other members – whom I am proud to call family.

Moro Performance is the best CrossFit community that I’ve ever been a part of. Not only are they helpful in the areas of nutrition, strength and conditioning, but they have also helped me with stress and anxiety from my job.

There is something new going on every time I show up for a workout – the emphasis of which does not fall only on the former, but also on the element of community. We gather to show support to each other, celebrate events as they come and go throughout the months, and challenge each other to be stronger than the workout before.

You may be wondering how my progress is coming along – so far so good! I’m down about 45 pounds and accomplish a new PR (personal record) just about every week. Just the other week I was struggling with lifting the bar overhead, but now I no longer have that struggle.

My parents tell me that there is less of me to hug every time that I’m home. The truth is, without Moro Performance, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today mentally or physically.

Each day, I am thankful for the coaches pushing me to be a better version of myself. My story is not complete, and neither is yours – do yourself a favor and open a new chapter and call or stop by Moro Performance and check it out for yourself.”

mel rowing
Betsy O.

“Walking into Moro Performance is like visiting family complete with a lovable dog, Pablo. I look forward to my twice a week sessions with Lisa and have been working with her as my personal trainer since October 2012.

With my love for the outdoors and my passion for skiing, I was nervous I would not be able to handle high altitude and long ski days in the mountains as I got older. I have learned through her encouraging workouts that age has no limitations when it comes to exercise, and am I confident I will be able to continue my active outdoor lifestyle for many years to come.

At age 56 I feel great inside and out. Lisa’s attention to detail continues to make me feel good whether I am dealing with an injury or needing an adjustment to better my performance. She helps me set attainable goals and encourages me to work hard in reaching them. Our hour-long sessions are never the same making the time go quickly and the workout fun. I never thought I would be using equipment such as barbells and kettlebells, but I can now say they are a regular part of my routine and I am confident in using them.

I used to think that I would never have time for exercise in my life and now I can’t imagine life without it. Thanks Lisa!”

Frank H.

“I cannot say enough about the personal training I have received at Moro Performance. When I first started training with Anthony, to say I was unfit would have been an understatement. I was overweight, unable to do even the most basic exercises, and on the path to even more severe health issues. Anthony came up with a plan specifically for me designed to help me lose weight and increase strength, while working around chronic back and knee issues. The personal training plan Anthony designed for me has me reaching my goals – my weight is at its lowest in 15 years, I am in the best shape of my life (I actually have muscles!), and my knee and back pain is completely gone!

The concern of everyone at Moro Performance for safety of each individual is key to the success of each member. I went from being the kid in high school that couldn’t do a single pushup to starting CrossFit classes last month-just before my 50th birthday!

Adding CrossFit classes to my exercise routine was probably one of the most nerve-racking and intimidating decisions I have made in a long time. I mean really, we have all seen the CrossFit Games on television – what 50 year old thinks that is a great decision? However, it was the best choice I could have made. The workouts are challenging, progress is easily tracked, and I feel better than I have in years! The great thing about Moro Performance is the family feel – we have all been members at other gyms where you don’t know anyone, the staff doesn’t know you or even care for your safety. At Moro Performance, class sizes are small so you always have individual attention from the coaches to help you reach your goals safely. The members are all there to support each other, you always feel welcome and all members help each other to reach their goals! I would highly recommend Moro Performance to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level – you will feel at home and feel the better than you ever have.”

Dina L.

“A friend had been trying to get me to go to CrossFit for a couple years. I found lots of excuses why I didn’t want to go. When Moro Performance opened she told me I had no excuse not to try it…I work across the street. I finally gave in and tried it. I knew after meeting Anthony and Lisa and working out one time, I wanted to be a part of their Gym. I have been working out at Moro Performance for 8 months now and love it. I had no weight lifting or CrossFit experience when I started. I think every day for 7 months I would ask, “what is that?” when I would look at the workout. Ok, maybe I still ask but it’s not every day. Today, I feel much stronger, more fit and more confident.

Moro Performance is more than just a gym. It’s a place to go to be a part of a community where everyone encourages each other to do their best, to achieve their goals (for the first time in years I wore a bikini in Mexico this past January). The confidence you gain in lifting weights and completing a workout that seems almost impossible is a great confidence booster!! It’s motivating to work out with such a great group of people and to have trainers that are so knowledgeable and motivating. Every day I leave Moro Performance I feel successful and look forward to my next workout AND to see what the next challenge is going to be. No workout is ever the same. CrossFit at Moro Performance is hard work but so much fun at the same time! I am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve in the next year!”

Andy P.

“Working out at Moro Performance has finally made working out a great time. Coming from a traditional lifting background, I wanted to focus more on conditioning and cardio, but still gain strength in the traditional lifts. Moro Performance has fulfilled this need and much more to say the least.

From day one to present, Tony and Lisa provide instrumental coaching and motivation. Having never done any Olympic lifts or CrossFit movements before, they provided the training and instruction I needed to get on my way. Even when I had an old shoulder injury come into the picture, T&L were able to modify the daily workout for me so I had no excuse to not show up.

One of the most gratifying things about working out with T&L is that every now and then you can look back in your log book or past lifts and realize no matter how heavy or hard you think the current exercise is, the last time you did it was either lighter or you did a modified version. I started out not able to do a clean, snatch, handstand push up, or front squat. Now I can and owe it to everyone at MP.

After 8 months of working out at MP, I can honestly say that I am the strongest I have ever been and vastly improved my conditioning. Every day is a new workout, every day is exhausting, and every day is fun at MP. That’s why I keep showing up.”

Lexie L.

“I started coming to Moro Performance because my Mom got me into it. She always talked about how great it was. At the time, I belonged to another gym but I had a hard time motivating myself to go. I also felt lost not knowing what to do to get a good workout in. Moro Performance is the first gym I’ve been to that I actually look forward to going to. The CrossFit workouts are posted on the board every day so you know what you are doing that day. They are always different so it never gets repetitive. Sometimes I want to walk right back out the door (especially when I see wall balls and burpees), but I know once I’m done I’ll feel great. The workouts are hard and challenging, but so incredibly rewarding. I leave every day feeling accomplished.

I love how Moro Performance is a family friendly gym. Everyone there is so encouraging. I’ve learned it’s not always bad to be last…you get the most cheers 🙂 It is a great community to be a part of. I love that I get to work hard but also have fun. Anthony and Lisa are amazing teachers. I have absolutely no lifting background, but they are always patient in helping me learn form and technique. Not only do they help inside the gym but outside as well. They are always willing to help you in any goals you have. It’s not every gym you can text your trainer when you’re at the grocery store and ask for a healthy cracker suggestion!

I started coming to MP two months ago and through doing CrossFit I already feel stronger and more confident. I’m excited to continue improving myself inside and outside the gym. Joining Moro Performance is definitely something you won’t regret. You’ll not only get healthy and fit, but have fun with friends while doing so!”

Laura K.

“I know you’ve heard it before, but working out has never been my idea of fun. I was born with a congenital hip and recently found out I have undiagnosed scoliosis.

My husband and I were at the point in our marriage where we were talking about expanding our family and I knew in order to do that, I would have to build up better core and hip strength. At the time, my mom had been training with Lisa for about 3 years and suggested I give her a try. We had an instant connection and I was extremely impressed by Lisa’s willingness to research my ailments and come up with a customized workout to help me improve my strength. Fast forward a year and a half and I’m still working out with her, even while 8 months pregnant with our first baby girl. So far, my pregnancy has gone quite smoothly. I have not felt limited in my activities, I did not bloat or gain weight the way I thought I would, and my energy levels have remained relatively high.

I’m convinced that it is because of Lisa’s hard work and determination that my pregnancy has gone this well. I am excited to see how these workouts will effect my recovery and I can’t wait to work with her to get my body back into pre-pregnancy shape. Thank you, Lisa and Anthony for all you do. You’ve helped me on my personal fitness journey more than you know, and best of all, I no longer hate working out!”

Justin & Kristen G.

“We personally train at Moro Performance for a reason that is pretty unique. We are going to be missionaries to very sensitive places. Places where it is illegal and unsafe to preach the Gospel. Our motto is to do whatever it takes to reach people who have never heard of Jesus before, so in order to do that, our bodies have to be able to go through difficult situations. We also believe we should be strong mentally, spiritually, and physically. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that our bodies are the temple of God, and His Spirit lives inside of us, so we are to glorify Him with our bodies. We do this by going to Moro Performance.

The reason we chose Moro Performance in particular rather than other gyms is the atmosphere it breeds. Moro Performance is a place full of smiles, laughter, community, and competition. We always have great conversations and joke with the staff and members while also having that competitive spirit to want to do the best we can. The gym is always clean and organized which tells a lot about how the staff care for the gym and the people who attend as well as paying attention to detail. Paying attention to detail is something the staff carries throughout all aspects of the gym from the floors, to safety while lifting. The atmosphere and staff were definitely the deciding factors for us personally.

I personally have never been able to do pull-ups which I can now do without problems. I have also been able to get a muscle-up and handstand pushups, which I never even thought of doing before Moro Performance.

I would recommend Moro Performance to anybody for all of the reasons above. It is a place dedicated to safety and fitness. It is a place where you can have fun and laugh with an amazing community of people dedicated to the same goal of getting better each day. It is a place really for anybody and everybody to enjoy. They definitely make working out fun again.”

Danni K.

“When I came to Moro Performance I was having trouble coming back from an injury physically and mentally. I was struggling with not being able to perform at the level that I wanted to. I really doubted myself and did not think I was ever going to be able to tumble like I used to. I thought I was ready to stop and just give it all up.

Anthony, Lisa & the members at Moro Performance have changed that.

As an athlete, coach & intern I get to experience Moro Performance from many different perspectives. The programming and coaching at Moro Performance has made me stronger than I ever have been as an athlete. I not only got all of my tumbling back, but it is also stronger than it was before. CrossFit challenges me physically and mentally, but I am constantly surprised by how much I am actually capable of. Through training at Moro Performance I have gained so much more confidence in myself, both on and off the mat.

I have coached gymnastics & cheerleading in the past and I am always so rewarded by helping an athlete to achieve something that they are working so hard for, or to just see them love what they are doing & the athletes at Moro Performance are no different. Seeing everyone constantly improving, working everyday to reach their goals, and cheering each other on through the workouts always makes me smile.

I am so thankful for Anthony, Lisa and the family I have found at Moro Performance. They have given me something to be passionate about, something that is always challenging me to keep going and to be better, and a place that I love and am proud to be a part of.”