Spasticity? Not Today! Find Out How To Beat this Common MS Symptom

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Written by Coach Anthony

I feel it every morning I wake up – tightness and a lack of mobility from the previous day’s activities. How do I get going at 5 am so that I can be limber enough to coach pre-BUD/S students every day? I stretch!

Follow these simple guidelines and give my morning stretching routine a try, who knows – maybe it will work for you too!

Anthony Stretch

As soon as I wake up I take a shower, and while in the warm water I do two quick stretches: a third world stretch while I’m washing my hair and a 20-30 second seated hamstring stretch as I rinse out the shampoo. These stretches are great for the low back, hamstrings, adductors, and calf muscles – all the places I feel the most spasticity every morning! Pro tip: make sure you have something to hold onto so you don’t slip on your shampoo!

After getting ready and walking downstairs to put my shoes on I do another really quick stretching routing for the total body. Keep in mind this has been my morning stretching routine for about 7 years now and at first, I could barely accomplish the full range of motion with any of the positions! These stretches take your shower stretch just a bit farther and really get your hip flexors, quads, low back, glutes, hamstring, calves, and soleus muscles and shoulder complex ready for your day, or to coach students at Great Lakes Naval Base class if you’re me!

Pro tip: Like in the video, use a ball, or some other object to help you keep your balance like the sofa or a wall. If this hurts your knee, place a folded up towel under it! Remember to do this on both sides!


  1. Lunging hip flexor stretch
  2. Lunging quad stretch
  3. Instep stretch
  4. Kneeling hamstring stretch
  5. Downward Dog shoulder stretch
  6. Seal Pose Abdominal stretch

Do you have a morning ritual or stretching routine that works for you?

Tell me about it in the comments!

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