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verb rē-bo͞ot: to restart or revive; an act or instance of making a change in order to establish a new beginning


A functional fitness program where we take away the barbell, focus on core and conditioning, and revive your health. The light-weight interval style workouts are great for beginners looking to tone up or those wanting to take their training to the next level.

What is ReBoot?

ReBoot is great for for those coming from a sedentary lifestyle and beginning their fitness journey, or those that are looking to improve their core strength and aerobic capacity. Training within a group setting, reboot is a calorie-burning, interval, bootcamp-style training class designed to target all levels of clients.

Classes are 50-60 minutes of high intensity group fitness without barbells led by an experienced group of coaches designed to target clients of all fitness levels. ReBoot will have you feeling refreshed and energized, while you get stronger and burn calories with fun, fast-paced workouts customized to your level and goals. ReBoot is guaranteed to make you sweat, lose fat, and get you closer to the body you want. It is time to REBOOT yourself!

When are classes offered?

Classes are offered 6 days per week, and you are not limited to the class section you can attend! Times are:

Monday-Friday 7:15am and 5:45pm
Saturdays 9:30am

The Moro Performance Difference

Workouts are designed in-house by coaches that know what you need to get the results you want.

If you aren’t in the right place to achieve the best version of yourself, the enthusiasm will eventually fade. Your initial motivation will once again turn into a short-term fad with limited to no results, instead of the much needed long-term fitness regime we all need. With the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches leading each fun and dynamic class, you are held accountable every single workout so you can achieve your fitness goals. We take every single member from where they are now to where they really want to be!

What’s included in the program?

Unlimited classes ($120), 12 classes ($105), or 8 classes ($90) per month depending on membership

Support from coaches and peers

Professional coaching from experienced staff at Moro Performance

Do you want to burn fat?
Do you want to build confidence?
Do you want extra energy that lasts all day?
Do you want a fun atmosphere and encouraging community?
Do you want to say goodbye to fad diets and exercise that don’t work?
Do you want to build habits to become a happier, healthier you?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, our ReBoot program is for you!
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What do others have to say about training with us?

I've been a member of Moro Performance since September 2016 and I'm hooked. I look forward to my morning fix each and every day. I keep coming back because the workouts are different, challenging, and fun. I've increased my overall strength and confidence ten-fold!
I could go on FOR DAYS about how much I love this place, but instead I will just say this is the best gym I've EVER been apart of. I've never been around such an amazing and inspiring group of people and coaches. Coming here is the highlight of my day. Awesome place with even better people!!
Moro Performance is the best community that I’ve ever been a part of. Not only are they helpful in the areas of nutrition, strength and conditioning, but they have also helped me with stress and anxiety from my job. There is something new going on every time I show up for a workout – the emphasis of which does not fall only on the former, but also on the element of community. We gather to show support to each other, celebrate events as they come and go throughout the months, and challenge each other to be stronger than the workout before.
My personal transformation at the gym occurred when I was able to do things that I never thought were possible, when I overcame my personal fears in my own mind. That “overthinking” voice soon learned to quiet as I became more familiar with movements and concentrated in building strength to my body’s core. By the end of the challenge I was at my personal best in countless ways. Most impressive was being physically fit like never before!
"Great place and people. Friendly, enthusiastic trainers make you feel comfortable with new workouts then put you through the wringer. Highly recommend."
The great thing about Moro Performance is the family feel – we have all been members at other gyms where you don’t know anyone, the staff doesn’t know you or even care for your safety. At Moro Performance, class sizes are small so you always have individual attention from the coaches to help you reach your goals safely. The members are all there to support each other, you always feel welcome and all members help each other to reach their goals! I would highly recommend Moro Performance to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level – you will feel at home and feel the better than you ever have.


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