Personal & Team Training Information

Personal Training

Personal training at Moro Performance is an individualized approach to fitness. A coach will have a consultation with you prior to your first session to discuss your needs, goals and limitations, if any are present.

Each session will be created to meet your needs. If you are having trouble with a skill in one of our classes, we can help. Or, if you just prefer to workout with one-on-one instruction then this is a great option for you. We offer personal training packages that are geared toward preparing someone to jump into our CrossFit classes, by working on the fundamental CF movements as well.

During your session, 100% of your coach’s attention will be utilized to get you to meet your goals. All of our coaches hold college degrees, multiple certifications, are experienced working with all fitness levels and a wide variety of special populations, so we are confident we can help you improve yourself and your lifestyle.

Check out our testimonial section of our site to see what others who have trained with us have to say!

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Team Training

Team training consists of 60-minute strength and conditioning sessions customized to your sport’s specific demands. Up to 20 team members per hour can train together with workouts programmed for their particular needs, in and off-season. Team training not only builds stronger and faster athletes, but is also a great way to build camaraderie and add a competitive aspect to your workouts. Teams that train together, win together!

We also use the team training model for corporate groups that wish to train together, police departments, fire departments and military/tactical athletes.

If you’re interested in scheduling a team training session, or multiple, please Contact Us.