Mequon CrossFit Mortalis – Information

Mequon CrossFit Mortalis, our programming is general, and therefore, ANY fitness level, age, or specialist background can participate and benefit from our CrossFit training – beginners included!

The CrossFit classes we offer include Foundations for beginners, and regular CrossFit group classes that everyone knows and loves.

Each CrossFit workout we program can be scaled, so you can choose the version that best suits your needs and interests! Our CrossFit classes are centered around traditional CrossFit programming and each regular class will include a warm-up, mobility, strength and/or skill work, followed by a workout of the day (WOD). With the exception of benchmark workouts, our coaches design all exercise programming.

We offer a 1-on-1 Foundations program dedicated to teach you the fundamental CrossFit movements, including your scaled version of the exercises. This training is designed for beginners or those with functional limitations or deficits. Each session will include a breakdown of a movement pattern that is commonly used in class, as well as a different type of conditioning workout. All of our beginner members have found this beneficial and have had a smooth transition into a class with others upon completion of their Foundations sessions.

Bigger isn’t always better. We limit each class size to 12 people – large enough to have the community environment CrossFit is known for, but small enough we can make sure everyone receives the individual attention they deserve. This type of coaching will limit the risk of injury and promote strength as well as ease of movement.

Whether you are a seasoned CrossFitter looking for a challenge, or are brand new to the sport and choose to do personal training for CrossFit, we will motivate you and cheer you on to do your best. At Mequon CrossFit Mortalis, we work hard to make sure YOU achieve your fitness goals!


If you are a fellow CrossFitter looking to drop-in please click here.

*Note: Drop-Ins are only permitted during class times, not open gym.