Our Story – A Letter from the Founder

In early 2008, just a few months after graduating the Basic Reconnaissance Course, I started planning my future gym. At the time, while home on leave, I was working out at a small hometown gym called Physiplex, which has since been bought out by a friend of mine. The general manager, Dave, was a mixed martial arts guy. I learned a lot from him about training athletes and he allowed me to teach my first solo class ever. I had three guys show up for free. I didn’t know much about opening a gym or running a business, but I did know how to train athletes and that I wanted to call my future gym “The Sweat Shop.” While still in the Marines, I worked part time at two physical therapy clinics and gained some very valuable knowledge about regressions in training. I began working out at and helping my friend Chris at his new gym, Your World Fitness, which was previously Physiplex. I would help him teach classes, market his business, and just hang out there watching how he started up his business.

Fast-forward a few years, an Afghanistan deployment, a degree in exercise physiology, and countless weekend seminars and certifications later, I was ready to open my gym. The club I was working at during this time had many policies I hated and wanted to change, so I finally decided to make it happen. On Christmas Eve 2012 at a family members house, my brother, Joe, and I were talking. He was managing an Italian restaurant in the North Shore and wanted to open a restaurant of his own. I told him about my gym idea. With his experience in management and math background I thought he would be a good fit. Joe was very impressed with the idea of our own gym and we began working. We created what seems like a thousand business plans, visited 10-12 properties, met with hundreds of landlords and bankers, and even thought we had our future location 3 different times. We parted ways with a few different investors who all had the same plans to water down our idea and change our dream to make them more money. Two and a half years after starting our journey to open the most badass sports performance gym in Wisconsin, we have finally succeeded. Since then, Joe has chosen to pursue a different dream of his own and Lisa stepped up to the plate. She has made several key decisions, which lead to our company being what it is today, and earned her spot as co-owner of Moro Performance.

Along the way, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and I was given a service dog, Pablo. There were a few people who have also helped us including Kelley and her team at Jacobson-Rost for creating the Moro Performance brand, our logo and banners you see around the gym. Alyssa of Dapper LLC who worked hard to get our website to be perfect. Our parents and family members who helped us build the facility and finally, all of our Founding Members, who bought into Moro Performance prior to opening, so we could handle some last minute expenses.

I look forward to many championships, personal records, conquering individual goals, and expanding Moro Performance to be the best sports performance gym in the country.

Anthony Moro,
Founder & CEO, Moro Performance