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4 Common CrossFit Misconceptions


Written by Danni Krumins

Haven’t tried CrossFit yet? Is it because of something you heard from a friend, relative, or online? Check out four common misconceptions below and then let us help you get started on the path to your best self!

CrossFit is for athletes and people that are already in shape

One of the great things about CrossFit is its scalability. There are numerous ways to modify any exercise or workout to a person’s ability level or physical limitations, while still challenging them. Can’t do a pull-up? Grab a band. Can’t handle the prescribed (RX) weight for today’s WOD? Drop the weight to what you can do – correctly and safely. When we scale an exercise we are modifying to a regression that allows the athlete to increase strength towards the full RX exercise or to a movement that has the same intention as the RX exercise.

Moro Performance [CrossFit Celer Silens Mortalis] has members of a variety of ages, athletic backgrounds and ability levels. In any class we will have a mix of athletes working at different levels of scaled or RX for that day’s workout. Scaling allows our members to stay safe and healthy, it allows them to get from where they started to where they want to be, and it allows them to get a great workout in rather than standing and staring at something the entire time and not being able to do it.

CrossFit is dangerous

One of the most common misconceptions about CrossFit is that you will get seriously injured doing it. From CNN, “Do you know what is dangerous? Every sport ever invented. Do you know a soccer player who’s torn their ACL, or tennis players who has sprained, strained or broken their ankle? You have, right? Have you ever suffered from I-T Band syndrome after running?…”

Injuries, more often than not, aren’t caused by CrossFit itself but by the participants who fail to listen to coaches, try to lift more weight than they are ready for, perform moves incorrectly, push themselves too hard, or even receive poor coaching.

At Moro Performance safety is one of our number one concerns and focus points. If our members are injured they can’t be in the gym and we can’t be helping them work towards their goals. We start all new members off in our Foundations program. Here, they will be introduced to the main movements they will see in class as well as put through some basic CrossFit style workouts (WODs). This will ensure that they are using the proper technique, going through the full range of motion (ROM) and have some experience with the WODs before jumping into class.

CrossFit is like the CrossFit Games on TV

Since the start of the CrossFit Games in 2007, the sport and fitness regimen of CrossFit has become “one of the fastest growing sports in America” according to Forbes. But it hasn’t always been so well known. After signing a deal with Reebok in 2010 and becoming The Reebok CrossFit Games, its exposure and participation has increased tremendously. You can now even watch the Games on ESPN. But what you see on TV and in social media is CrossFit the sport, where the top 1% of elite athletes compete to find the Fittest on Earth. 

At Moro Performance, you will be doing CrossFit the workout: An hour long class designed to increase overall fitness using a variety of movements like box jumps, pull-ups, handstands, squats, cleans, kettlebell swings and many more. And the only person you have to compete against is you.

CrossFit is the same at every gym

CrossFit is not a franchise – each CrossFit affiliate gym is independently owned and operated. This means that every CrossFit gym is different. Owners are free to operate their gym however they see fit. Each gym will also have its own programming, it’s own coaching styles, and its own overall ‘feel’ to the gym. All of these factors can influence your decision when choosing a CrossFit gym depending on your goals and what you are looking for. 

At Moro Performance we take pride in several features that make us different from every other CrossFit gym: 

Our highly skilled and experienced coaches give members the confidence that they are learning the correct technique and progressions to perform all movements safely and properly to become fitter every day. Founder, Anthony Moro has over 10 years of CrossFit training experience and multiple certifications such as CrossFit Level 1 & 2, personal training, kettlebells, calisthenics, eight years of special operations experience, and more. Also on staff are Lisa and Danni. Lisa is a certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition specialist, calisthenics coach, and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. Danni is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and has multiple Gymnastics coaching certifications from the National Coaching Certification Program. As a team, we work to make sure our members are receiving the quality coaching that they need to achieve their goals. 

Our flexible class schedule allows members to pick and choose from various class times based on what is convenient for their schedule. Classes are also kept small (capped at 14 people) in order to give each person in class the attention that they deserve. You won’t be left behind in the back of the class struggling with a movement. 

If the class style of workout isn’t for you, or if you just want some extra help to work on weaknesses, Moro Performance also offers personal training that allows you to work one-on-one with one of our coaches who will develop a program specifically for you based on your goals.

Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase overall performance, it is important to be fueling your body with the proper amount and type of food. Moro Performance offers different levels of one-on-one nutritional coaching, from consultations to personalized plans and ongoing coaching. You and Lisa will work together to help you to create change and habits that will last a lifetime. 

When you become at member at Moro Performance you are joining more than just a CrossFit gym, you are becoming part of an amazing community. Our members are a huge part of what makes coming to Moro Performance so great. They will celebrate with you when you get a new PR, they will cheer for you and push you through your workout even though they are gasping for air right next to you, and they will inspire you to continue to work towards your goals and keep challenging yourself. 

But, it goes beyond just your 1 hour long class each day, Moro Performance also hosts social events/activities in and out of the gym throughout the year that are open for members and their families to attend. In the past, some of  these events have been Christmas themed WODs & Potluck, bowling, Memorial Day Murph, and our annual anniversary celebration.

Contact us to see how we can help you start your journey with us.

3 Stories to Inspire a Change in Your Health


Written by Lisa Wishmann

Many people already have the mindset to start the New Year with a clean slate, so why not start fresh and finally make yourself and your health a priority? If you’re not perfectly happy with your fitness and health, it’s definitely time to make a change.

A lot of people begin to make changes, however, the problem that most people encounter is quitting. They start a new class, exercise regimen, or a new diet with good intention to continue… and then they quit. Of course, there is a wide variety of why people may not continue what they started, but in the six years I’ve already been in the fitness industry the reason I have seen people quit most often is lack of accountability.

In a normal gym setting, if you stop showing up to a class of 30+ people, will anyone notice you’re not there anymore? If you have a workout buddy, and that person skips a day, will you be able to hold yourself accountable and get into the gym? The examples are endless.

What isn’t endless at Moro Performance is the search for success. Why? We care. Our coaches care. Our members care. We genuinely want you to achieve the goals you are striving for.

If you regularly come to the gym and you don’t show up all week, you will get a call or text from a coach asking where you’ve been. It’s likely other members will also say they missed you in class. If we see you struggling or you feel as though you’ve hit a plateau, we will ask you to come in for a meeting to figure out what we can do different to help you.

The opportunities for help are widespread, however, you need to dive in and take advantage!

Those that have committed fully to what we have to offer have seen and felt amazing success.

Below, take a look at what three amazing people have said #WhyMoroPerformance. Lauren, Wilson and Karen all came to us for a short term challenge class, and have since become members. Their stories are nothing short of inspirational.


“I should start by saying that I have been struggling for fifteen years to find a workout that will stick. I have been a member to every gym in the area and tried every workout class around. I always found myself getting bored and uninspired. That all changed when I found Moro Performance.

I started at Moro Performance with their challenge class. From the moment I walked in and was greeted by Pablo, the most amazing dog, I knew this was going to be a great fit. I always said I just need something to tell me what to eat and where to go; this was the program I was looking for. Not only do they provide you with a six-week food outline, but they provide you with the shopping lists! Along with the detailed outline of nutrition, the workouts and trainers are wonderful!! I was intimidated at first with the thought of CrossFit, but minutes after our first workout all worries left my mind. Danni was incredibly knowledgeable and worked with all of us to make us feel comfortable. It helped knowing that I was doing this with a group of women who were in the same boat as me. Watching us all grow and become better with every class was SO INSPIRING! This challenge is foolproof and it helped me to lose over 10 inches in 6 weeks. I would recommend this program to EVERYONE who is considering a path to a healthier lifestyle.

After the challenge I decided to join Moro Performance, not just because the workouts are challenging and there’s great variety, but because I felt like I was joining a community of amazing people who genuinely care about each other. Something that was always lacking in the other gyms I joined. Danni, Lisa, and Tony have pushed me to become not only better physically, but mentally.

With their support, guidance and training I have seen potential in myself I never knew I had, I have done more things athletically than I ever thought I could, and I continually set new goals for myself that I continue to reach. I never thought I would be passionate about working out, but after joining this gym it’s something that I look forward too and thoroughly enjoy. I am so grateful to be part of something so amazing and be surrounded by such incredible people. This is more than a place to come and work out, when you join Moro Performance you join an extended family.”


“This past year, I attempted to lose weight through various diet and exercise changes, to no avail. I was sick and tired of being obese and disappointed. All I cared about were weight loss results. When I told this to Anthony Moro, he promised that if I showed up, and did what the instructors told me to, I would see results. I signed up then and there. The first couple weeks really challenged me because I used to eat junk and fast food every day. But after the first few weeks I got used to resisting cravings, and replacing them with lean meats, and fruits and veggies.

Before the challenge, I struggled to get in the gym 30 minutes a week. Before I knew it, I found myself motivated to get in the gym on non-challenge workout days! Soon after, I started feeling the results. While walking around, my pants would droop, and I started tightening my belt more than usual. The stairs I take every morning for work were no longer a chore. I felt so much lighter that sometimes I’d jog up! My arms and legs felt stronger.

My final measurements shocked me. I’d lost 19 pounds, and lost inches in almost every area! When the challenge ended, I was more determined than ever to keep going. Since then, I’ve maintained positive eating and workout habits. I now have a Moro Performance membership, and have continued to see strength and weight loss results! The greatest result, however, is that now there’s no doubt in my mind that I can achieve my fitness goals!!

My membership with this gym began after I completed the six-week challenge! I’ve been obese my entire life, and I’m sick of it. I pursued the challenge because I wanted to lose weight, and because I want to feel better about myself mentally and physically. Thanks to the trainers at Moro, I accomplished those goals, despite having more work to do. Since becoming a member, I’ve lost 5 more pounds! What I admire most about Moro Performance are the instructors and people within it. I am still a beginner in many ways. Despite initially not being able to lift much weight, they never judged me. They don’t hesitate to have me lift only what I can handle in order to get my form and technique down on different lifts. Overall, they’re extremely supportive of my goals and I feel like part of a family when I’m here. They’re there for me when I struggle, whether with workout routines or attending sessions. I’m thankful for this gym and these people!”


“I started at Moro Performance at the end of August last year (2016). I had lost about fifty pounds at the time I started their challenge class and I knew the fourth quarter at work would probably ruin all the hard work I had done to lose the weight. With the imminent future holding out stress of my job, grieving of close family members, various parties and major holidays I knew I could not maintain the weight loss without serious change from what I had done in the past. That is when I was on Facebook and saw Moro Performance. This was the change I was looking for, but I was scared because I could not perform sit ups, pushups or running in any capacity and had never heard of CrossFit before beginning.

The challenge class was three times a week for six weeks. On our very first class, Lisa Wishmann (co-owner/trainer) took a picture of our group after our workout. I remember distinctly having to literally crawl on the floor to pose for the picture. My fears for the first class included being too heavy or big, not having stamina, being the oldest one there, getting hurt, gaining weight or simply giving up. I soon learned that I was among people that had some or most of my own challenges and we would inspire each other to be our best.

At CrossFit there is no showmanship, no cockiness or ego trips allowed because everyone is different and constantly challenging themselves at different levels. Personally, I was just about always the slowest at timed activities and had the least amount of weight on the bar, however I was the one most encouraged by others regardless of their own skill level.

The training team at Moro Performance guided us at all times during the challenge so that we would be safe and encouraged to meet goals. You do not know what the goals for the class will be until you get there and see what is planned for the day on the display board. This, in my opinion, was a nice feature because we could not anticipate what was in store for us for the workouts, thus we could not make excuses like, “oh I don’t want to do that today!” or “that’s too hard for me.” Instead once we got ourselves to the gym, we surprised ourselves with what we could do and by later in the challenge we surpassed what we once thought were our own “limitations.”

My personal transformation at the gym occurred when I was able to do things that I never thought were possible, when I overcame my personal fears in my own mind. That “overthinking” voice soon learned to quiet as I became more familiar with movements and concentrated in building strength to my body’s core. By the end of the challenge I was at my personal best in countless ways. Most impressive was being physically fit like never before!

As a result, I was down to my goal weight (135 lbs) and fitting into sizes (size 4 jeans!) that I had never been able to wear even as a teenager! My kids 18, 16, 13 and my husband supported me by eating healthy and encouraging me to join Moro Performance after the challenge. No longer are we consuming processed foods, sugars and unhealthy fats. Instead it’s fruits, vegetables, hummus, almonds and of course water, water, water.

The hardest thing about this challenge, or life in general, is to honor and love yourself enough to do what is right for your body. Eating healthy and exercise (through CrossFit!) clears your mind tremendously, helps you set/reach goals and most importantly affords you the chance to live life to the vey fullest in the healthiest way possible. Please come to the gym for you and for your health, you will not be disappointed in what you are able to accomplish.

Thank you very much to Lisa, Ben, Danni and Anthony. They are the very best of the best trainers and Moro Performace is the perfect gym for me! I thank each of them for the catalyst of change that the six-week challenge represents on my own personal health and fitness journey. “

Women’s New You Challenge: RESULTS!


Written by Lisa Wishmann

About a month and a half ago, a bunch of women joined us for a 6-week fitness challenge to kickstart new, healthy habits. Over 100 women interviewed with us and stated their case as to why they believe they would be a good candidate, however, only 45 women were accepted into our fitness and nutrition challenge.

Many were nervous, most had never done CrossFit before, but they all had one common goal: to improve their lives through fitness. Over the course of 6 weeks these women squatted, dead lifted, ran, rowed, and biked their way to new, improved versions of themselves! Along the way there were many firsts: first time working with a barbell, first time running without having to stop, first assisted pull-ups, first handstand, first box jump and so much more!

Each day these women came into our gym, both our staff and our members were absolutely inspired by the drive and motivation that poured from each of them. You could not observe one of these classes and not smile at all of the high fives, fist bumps, laughs and teamwork. But, don’t be fooled – although we all had a great time, they worked their butts off and the results show it!

New You Challenge: Results Breakdown

45 women started the challenge, and 38 finished week 6.
Of the 38, 34 came in for their final measurements:

Between all women, total weight lost was 219.9 pounds and total inches lost was 340.25! Yes, you read that correctly… 340.25 inches lost from their bodies. That’s 28 feet 4.25 inches, or 9.45 yards. That is amazing!

Of total inches lost, 61.75 inches came off of the hips and 49.5 inches came off of the waist. Aside from many women requesting to slim down these areas most often, reducing the amount of body fat in these areas also decreases risk for health issues related to being overweight and/or obesity later in life.

More quick facts from the New You Challenge results:

  • 11 women lost 10+ pounds
  • 19 women lost 5+ pounds
  • 7 women did not lose weight, but did lose inches!
  • 13 women lost 12+ inches from their bodies
  • 27 women lost 6+ inches from their bodies
  • Average inches lost: 10 inches
  • Average weight lost: 8.4 pounds

The range of inches lost from the waist was from 0.5 to 3.5 inches, and from the hips 0.25 to 4 inches.

The largest amount of weight lost from one woman was 22.8 pounds. The largest amount of inches lost was 24 – TWO FEET.

THESE RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLE! And, that was only 6 weeks. Imagine what can happen in 12 weeks, 6 months, a year! For many, this was just the beginning, and we are ecstatic to watch these women continue to progress, both in our gym and in life.

In addition to weight and inches lost, these women reported huge boosts of confidence and self esteem, more energy, less achy joints, more strength, and doing things in life they thought were out of reach.

In 6 short weeks we’ve seen laughter, surprise and happy tears, and we couldn’t be prouder. We’ve guided these women into the world of CrossFit and shown them how much they are truly capable of, and how deserving they are of better health.

If you are one of our participants, congratulations on such a great feat! If you’re reading this and want to experience this for yourself, reach out to us to see how we can help you. We promise, we can help you, too.

Post-Challenge Celebration: WOD & Wine!
Post-Challenge Celebration: WOD & Wine!

The 2nd Annual Vet-Mazing Race


Written by Lisa Wishmann

Our 2nd Annual Vet-Mazing Race is on November 12th – only 5 and 1/2 weeks away! What is the Vet-Mazing Race? It is a fun, fitness-themed race for all abilities where teams of four compete in events around the community to raise money and awareness for our veterans.

The Vet-Mazing Race is in support of the Recon & Sniper Foundation, which focuses its resources on emergency financial funding, professional development, career mentoring, and active network building to help with veteran suicide prevention and community re-integration.

Anthony was a Recon Marine from 2006-2014, thus we decided to give back to an organization that has helped him and fellow veterans in the past. One of the hardest things for a veteran after a combat deployment is coming back to civilian life, and the Recon & Sniper Foundation has helped many find guidance and a purpose.

The 2nd Annual Vet-Mazing Race will begin and end at Moro Performance, with a silent auction during the post-race celebration. Last year between personal donations and our silent auction we raised $3,527 – and that was with only a few weeks of planning! This year we know we can do even better and make a bigger impact for the veteran community!

Some businesses/people that have already pledged items for our fundraiser and auction include:

  • the cheel – $50 gift certificate
  • Impressions Day Spa – certificate for a haircut
  • Pin High Golf Center – 2 certificates for range time and private lessons, totaling $700
  • Libby Montana Bar & Grill – fish fry for 4
  • The Chancery – gift certificates
  • Christmas Abbott – autographed copy of the Badass Body Diet
  • Lauren Fisher – autographed clothing
  • Harry Moulopoulos – 2 courtside seats to a Milwaukee Bucks game
  • CUW Veteran Services Department – $350 in donations

Continue to check back to our blog for weekly updates of additional donors!

Anyone is welcome to create a team and join in on our fundraiser and auction! All that is required is a $25 registration fee, which covers the cost of your team t-shirt, and a $100 pledge per person. The pledge can come from you, or from friends and family that wish to sponsor you! Find 10 people to donate $10 to a great cause and your donation minimum is met! All donations are tax deductible as well.

Interested in signing up a team? Great! Stop on in to pick up the registration packet, or Contact Usand we can email you a digital copy! You don’t want to miss out on a day of fun with friends, all in support of a great cause!

See the flyer below for more information:

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

Swiss Army Knife of Exercise: The Turkish Get-Up


Written by Ben Kempen

In life or in athletics, training exercises should mimic the different movements that we perform, so they can be executed effectively and efficiently. If we look at a few movements that we do in our day-to-day life, some the most common ones are squatting, crouching, and getting up and down from the ground/floor. All of these movements have some form of ankle, knee and hip extension or flexion used to accomplish the movement. When we think of different exercises that target these areas some of the first ones that come to mind are squats, dead lifts, or some form of an Olympic lift, but there is one exercise that gets forgotten: the Turkish Get-Up!

The Turkish Get-Up (TGU) incorporates all kinds of ankle, knee and hip movement along with getting up and down from the floor. It also includes shoulder stabilization. The TGU is a great way for the anyone to learn how to connect their whole body and use it as a complete unit. The TGU requires you to learn how to push both through the ground and through the kettlebell, while the maintaining a strong core to provide support to the rest of the body – it is truly one of the best total body exercises!

TGUs can be used in a variety of ways. One way is as an assessment to identify weak and/or tight muscles. A second way is as a warm-up exercise to help gauge where you are with your movement that day. TGUs can also be used as a strength exercise to help the body become confident in its ability to handle heavy loads overhead.

So, for those of you who are struggling with reaching that goal weight on an overhead movement, the Turkish Get-Up can be a great way for you to get ready to finally reach that goal. All of these different benefits from one exercise shows that the Turkish Get-Up might just be the swiss army knife of exercise!

How to do a Turkish Get-Up

1. Grip the kettlebell while laying on the side it is to be used.

TGU Step 1

2. Roll onto you back and press kettlebell overhead. Bend your knee that is on the same side of your body as the kettlebell, and lay opposite arm at 45 degree angle.

TGU Step 2

3. Sit up (at an angle, not straight up) to your elbow, then hand while sitting tall.

TGU Step 3

4. Drive through floor extending the hips, creating a straight line from knee to shoulder.

TGU Step 4

5. Pull your straight leg under hips, and place knee near hand creating a “box” with one leg forward and the other pointed at your hand.

TGU Step 5

6. Lift your hand from the floor, sitting up tall into a kneeling position.

TGU Step 6

7. “Windshield Wiper” by swinging kneeling leg straight, and pull toes under.

TGU Step 7

8. Using proper lunge mechanics, stand up.

TGU Step 8

9. Repeat these steps in the reverse order to bring you back to the ground.

See the video below for the full movement!

Don’t have a kettlebell on hand? Use a dumbbell instead!

Unfamiliar with this movement, but want to learn? Stop in and talk to one of our coaches!

Hand Care 101: How to Treat and Manage Calluses


Written by Danni Krumins

When you start working out and are doing any type of barbell exercise, exercises on the bar, or anything else using your hands and grip, you will notice calluses start to form. This is normal. Calluses develop in response to stress from the pressure and friction – they are protecting the structures underneath the skin. If calluses are not taken care of properly, they can turn into complete rips, which are painful and can really slow down your workout.


Being a gymnast, I am no stranger to calluses and ripped hands, and have tried all kinds of ways to take care of calluses and help heal rips quickly.

  • Once calluses start to develop it is important to take care of them so they do not become too thick. If this happens, that is when they can catch and turn into complete rips. They best way to manage calluses is to file them down so that they are not elevated above the surrounding skin. My favorite tool that I have used for this is a Dr. Scholl’s Swedish Foot File. You can also use a pumice stone. You can use this on your hands in the shower, once they have been soaked in the warm water for a while.
  • If a callus does tear you want to make sure you are treating it properly so that it heals quickly and does not set back your training. You will first need to trim back the loose skin as closely as you can to the fresh skin. The best way to do this is using a clean pair of first aid scissors. DO NOT pull up on the loose skin because you will only make the rip larger. It is then best to keep the rip covered for a while to allow it to heal, it also doesn’t feel very good to have objects touching that raw skin. If a band aid doesn’t work you can try New Skin, which as a liquid band aid (however, I do not recommend putting this on freshly ripped skin). As the rip is healing I like to continue to apply moisturizes that promote healing, but also to not let the rip dry out. I currently use Quick Fix from RIPT Skin Systems, but have also used O’Keefe’s Working Hands or just regular Polysporin.
hand stuff

Whether you consider them brag-worthy signs of your hard work or just annoying side effects of your workout, use these tips to care calluses’ and rips and keep your hands healthy!

*I am in no way associated with any of these products, they are just what I have chosen to use.

Three Ways to Eat Great in a Rush!


Written by Anthony Moro

We have all been there – it’s the middle of the afternoon, stuck at the office or in traffic and you’re starving. If you’re like most of our members, you head to the gym after work on your way home, but before dinner. How do you get a fast lunch or a pre-workout meal without stopping at Taco Bell or Culvers? Check out the three most common tips I give to my client’s every time they ask me for advice with this issue:

1. SFH Fuel Protein Packs

This is the quickest and easiest way to get some calories into your system. SFH is a brand that uses protein from grass fed cows, fats from coconuts, and carbs from apples. I recently got hooked on SFH because of their responsible choice of ingredients, and the caloric ratios are in line with Coach Lisa’s Nutritional Coaching. The most convenient thing about SFH Fuel is that it comes in individual serving packets, just bring your shaker and a bottle of water and you’re ready to go!

*Beginning in September, we will be carrying SFH in the gym so you are able to purchase it conveniently! Stay tuned for its arrival!

Image sourced from
Image sourced from

2. Plan Ahead, Meal Prep

The absolute best way to ensure you have healthy meals all week long is to prepare all of your lunches on Sunday and portion them out in tupperware so you can just grab-and-go every morning. This is the preferred method because you can season food to your taste, use fresh ingredients that you like (instead of having to pick out the peas, like me), and best of all, it’s your cheapest method! You can reuse the containers that you pack your meals into which saves some packaging costs and it’s environmentally friendly if you’re conscious to that.


3. Ice Age Meals

If you’re like me, and kind of lazy on your Sunday off of work and forget to meal prep – check out Ice Age meals! I just started a new coaching job at the Navy base, which is about an hour drive each way and have very little time to prepare my meals. At night, I take two Ice Age Meals out of the freezer (different recipes daily) and put them into my lunch cooler. Overnight they thaw enough so that when I get to work in the morning, I just pop one into the microwave for 5:00 and have a pretty awesome paleo breakfast on my way to the base pool with the other coaches. I have already gotten a few of them hooked because of the convenience and it also helps that they make the team room smell great while I’m heating them up!

Image sourced from
Image sourced from
Image sourced from
Image sourced from

Do you have any other creative way to eat great on the go? Tell me about them in the comments!