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Written by Coach Lisa

In my article, How to Make Salads Not Suck: Part 1, I discussed how many store-bought dressings can ruin the health benefits of a salad and instead you can make your own homemade version.

Now, even if you do decide to make up a couple of different types of homemade salad dressings, eating the same mix of leafy greens topped with a handful of mixed vegetables can become extremely boring and monotonous.

I can’t handle eating the same thing over and over, so each week I try and buy things for at least two different types of salads to prepare for my meals. Continue reading below for inspiration from my four favorites:

Greek Salad (Left/Top)

Cut up cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red onion and kalamata olives. If you like cheese – who doesn’t – you can also add feta crumbles. Top with a blend of salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, garlic powder, and a pinch of rosemary. Once this salad sits in a bowl together and the flavors meld, I don’t find it necessary to use dressing!

Green & Purple Salad (Right/Bottom)

Sticking with the cucumbers as a base, this salad has a hearty mixture of different vegetables. Included are cucumbers, celery, cauliflower, radicchio, red cabbage, radishes, and parsley. This mixture is great on its own or over a bed of greens.

Tomato & Olive Salad (Left/Top)

Over a base of spinach (or your favorite mix of leafy greens), add chopped red and green bell peppers, grape tomatoes, and green olives. I like my salads to have a bit of texture, so occasionally I will add sesame, chia or flax seeds. I recommend you lightly dress this salad with an oil-based dressing, like my homemade one.

Greens Salad (Right/Bottom)

Green is good and good for you! While it’s fun to have a mix of colors in your bowl, there is no denying this all-green combo is a delicious one. In this salad: spinach, green butter lettuce, broccoli, avocado, raw pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds. Toss with balsamic vinegar to not overpower the salad.

Try these out and let me know what you think?

Have your own favorite salad that isn’t considered the norm? Drop it in the comments!

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