What is CrossFit? 

CrossFit is many things. Greg Glassman, a former gymnast, founded CrossFit®, Inc. in 2000. In his years coaching elite athletes, Coach Glassman found that the best way to achieve optimal fitness was not through specialization but rather through “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity.” In short, this means combining elements of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, sprinting, rowing and core conditioning to improve overall flexibility, strength, speed, endurance and agility. 

CrossFit is also the community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together. In fact, the communal aspect of CrossFit is a key component of why it’s so effective.

Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

Constantly Varied means that every day brings a different workout (or WOD), incorporating any combination of elements. At CrossFit Celer Silens Mortalis you will jump rope, climb ropes, swing kettlebells and flip tires. You will work at pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstands, pushups, and handstand pushups. You will practice squats, dips, cleans, jerks, snatches and dead lifts as well as rowing, running and box jumps. While our programming is constantly varied, it is not random. We go through 10-week periodized strength cycles, and each day our WODs are created to target specific muscle groups and movements. Our programming keeps your body guessing and therefore your body can continue to adapt, instead of being stuck in routine.

Functional Movements are the core movements of life, found everywhere, and hard-wired into our DNA. Functional movement also refers to maintaining the safest, most-efficient position to power through a movement. There are plenty of misconceptions out there about CrossFit; the truth is much of what we do in our workouts mirrors activities in our daily lives. To the uninitiated, flipping a tire looks like crazy, “he-man” work. But if you’ve ever had to move a mattress up a flight of stairs, you already know the movement. Cleaning a medicine ball may appear odd, but consider what your body does when you place your suitcase in a plane’s overhead compartment. If you’ve ever lifted a heavy bag of dog food, no one needs to tell you the importance of arching your back. Our staff at CrossFit Celer Silens Mortalis will help you maintain the correct position in a workout – both to keep you and other safe as well as to maximize efficiency.

High Intensity is defined by CrossFit as how fast you get real work done. The more work you can do in less time increases power. The more power you can generate in less time, the greater your intensity, and the greater your intensity the greater your results. This is a concept that at first can be difficult for new CrossFitters to grasp. For many people, a workout’s efficiency is only proportionate to the amount of hours spent in the gym. You will never hear a CrossFitter say, “I had a great workout; I was in the gym for four hours!” You are much more likely to hear, “I finished in 8 minutes.” People come here skeptical that a high-intensity workout, done in a fraction of the time as they are used to, can lead to faster, better results. But results don’t lie.

Universally Scalable means we are able to modify any exercise or movement to any person’s ability level, which may be affected by injury, age, or training experience. We’ve heard from many people, “I have to get in better shape and then I’ll come try CrossFit,” however, the scalability principle makes this statement invalid. We use a broad approach to scaling or modifying workouts and movements, so everyone is able to get a great workout that will get maximum results for that specific person – YOU included!


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