About Us

“The gym is a place where people change, improve and evolve. It is a place that signifies our seeking of better; where we fight for a version of ourselves that is stronger today than yesterday.”

At Moro Performance, we strive to provide a community centered around happiness, fitness, and sound nutrition principles. Our motto, Be Uncommon originated from Admiral Nimitz’s quote following the Battle for Iwo Jima and has forged the foundation for everything we do in and outside of the gym. He said, “Uncommon valor was a common virtue.” At Moro Performance, uncommon effort, team work, and results are our common virtues!

Moro Performance is home to Mequon CrossFit Mortalis, Ozaukee County’s first and only veteran owned and operated CrossFit affiliate. Founder, Anthony, has over 10 years of CrossFit training experience that started while he was in the Marine Corps Basic Reconnaissance Course in 2006. Mitchel has 5 years of CrossFit experience and Lisa, Danni, and Ryan all have 2 years. Combined, we have 21 years of CrossFit experience – we can and will help you become your best self. We have the best coaches in the Milwaukee area!

Each coach has their own specialty from nutrition and personal training, college strength and conditioning, years of competitive athletic experience, and a nationally qualified gymnast. Every coach at Mequon CrossFit Mortalis was an athlete at the collegiate level and majored in the field of human performance or sports management.

Our 7,500 square foot facility is located 2 buildings west of Libby Montana Bar & Grill, on the northwest corner of Donges Bay Road and Baehr Road. Moro Performance / Mequon CrossFit Mortalis is large enough to host team training on our 30-yard artificial turf while still comfortably accommodating other athletes and gym members in the other parts of our facility – including eight Olympic weight lifting platforms, squat racks, and aerobic training area.

Thanks to the unmatched facilities and highly skilled coaches that Moro Performance brought to Ozaukee County and the surrounding North Shore area, members are now able to get the great coaching they deserve!

Our clients and members are in the business of defeating their opponents, whether they be unrelenting rival athletes or battles with personal bests. Our programming can be specifically geared towards fitness enthusiasts and community members to high school and collegiate athletes seeking to reach the next level in their sport.

Moro Performance builds physical strength and mental toughness, growing members from good to their absolute best while helping them to be unbeatable, unafraid and unstoppable.