3 Ways to Keep Your Workout Routine While Traveling

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Written by Danni Krumins

With the holidays right around the corner, you might have some travel plans coming up. Whether it’s a trip home to see family or just a holiday vacation for yourself it can be hard to maintain your workout routine while you’re away from the gym.

Here are 3 great ways to stay active on vacation so you don’t miss a beat when you come back in to Moro Performance:

1. Get Outside!

Outside in the Snow

Wherever you are, get outside and explore. This is not only a great way to get some exercise, but you you also get to see more of where you are. Go for a walk downtown, look for nearby hiking trails, or see what outdoor activities might be in the area; like skiing or snowshoeing.

2. Hotel Fitness Centre

If you’re staying in a hotel while you’re away hit up the the fitness centre or the swimming pool before you head out for your day. A hotel fitness centre won’t have all the same equipment that we have at Moro Performance, but if you let us know you are going on vacation we would be happy to give some vacation WODs that require little to no equipment at all!

3. Drop In at a CrossFit Gym

Drop In at Catalyst

With 14,000 affiliates worldwide, chances are that there is going to be a CrossFit gym nearby wherever you are. Drop in for a class or two. CrossFit is like one big community around the world so they will be extremely welcoming and helpful, and it’s a great chance to see how things are the same or different at another gym. Let us know where you are going and we might be able to recommend some gyms in the area for you.

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