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Written by Lisa Wishmann

Many people already have the mindset to start the New Year with a clean slate, so why not start fresh and finally make yourself and your health a priority? If you’re not perfectly happy with your fitness and health, it’s definitely time to make a change.

A lot of people begin to make changes, however, the problem that most people encounter is quitting. They start a new class, exercise regimen, or a new diet with good intention to continue… and then they quit. Of course, there is a wide variety of why people may not continue what they started, but in the six years I’ve already been in the fitness industry the reason I have seen people quit most often is lack of accountability.

In a normal gym setting, if you stop showing up to a class of 30+ people, will anyone notice you’re not there anymore? If you have a workout buddy, and that person skips a day, will you be able to hold yourself accountable and get into the gym? The examples are endless.

What isn’t endless at Moro Performance is the search for success. Why? We care. Our coaches care. Our members care. We genuinely want you to achieve the goals you are striving for.

If you regularly come to the gym and you don’t show up all week, you will get a call or text from a coach asking where you’ve been. It’s likely other members will also say they missed you in class. If we see you struggling or you feel as though you’ve hit a plateau, we will ask you to come in for a meeting to figure out what we can do different to help you.

The opportunities for help are widespread, however, you need to dive in and take advantage!

Those that have committed fully to what we have to offer have seen and felt amazing success.

Below, take a look at what three amazing people have said #WhyMoroPerformance. Lauren, Wilson and Karen all came to us for a short term challenge class, and have since become members. Their stories are nothing short of inspirational.


“I should start by saying that I have been struggling for fifteen years to find a workout that will stick. I have been a member to every gym in the area and tried every workout class around. I always found myself getting bored and uninspired. That all changed when I found Moro Performance.

I started at Moro Performance with their challenge class. From the moment I walked in and was greeted by Pablo, the most amazing dog, I knew this was going to be a great fit. I always said I just need something to tell me what to eat and where to go; this was the program I was looking for. Not only do they provide you with a six-week food outline, but they provide you with the shopping lists! Along with the detailed outline of nutrition, the workouts and trainers are wonderful!! I was intimidated at first with the thought of CrossFit, but minutes after our first workout all worries left my mind. Danni was incredibly knowledgeable and worked with all of us to make us feel comfortable. It helped knowing that I was doing this with a group of women who were in the same boat as me. Watching us all grow and become better with every class was SO INSPIRING! This challenge is foolproof and it helped me to lose over 10 inches in 6 weeks. I would recommend this program to EVERYONE who is considering a path to a healthier lifestyle.

After the challenge I decided to join Moro Performance, not just because the workouts are challenging and there’s great variety, but because I felt like I was joining a community of amazing people who genuinely care about each other. Something that was always lacking in the other gyms I joined. Danni, Lisa, and Tony have pushed me to become not only better physically, but mentally.

With their support, guidance and training I have seen potential in myself I never knew I had, I have done more things athletically than I ever thought I could, and I continually set new goals for myself that I continue to reach. I never thought I would be passionate about working out, but after joining this gym it’s something that I look forward too and thoroughly enjoy. I am so grateful to be part of something so amazing and be surrounded by such incredible people. This is more than a place to come and work out, when you join Moro Performance you join an extended family.”


“This past year, I attempted to lose weight through various diet and exercise changes, to no avail. I was sick and tired of being obese and disappointed. All I cared about were weight loss results. When I told this to Anthony Moro, he promised that if I showed up, and did what the instructors told me to, I would see results. I signed up then and there. The first couple weeks really challenged me because I used to eat junk and fast food every day. But after the first few weeks I got used to resisting cravings, and replacing them with lean meats, and fruits and veggies.

Before the challenge, I struggled to get in the gym 30 minutes a week. Before I knew it, I found myself motivated to get in the gym on non-challenge workout days! Soon after, I started feeling the results. While walking around, my pants would droop, and I started tightening my belt more than usual. The stairs I take every morning for work were no longer a chore. I felt so much lighter that sometimes I’d jog up! My arms and legs felt stronger.

My final measurements shocked me. I’d lost 19 pounds, and lost inches in almost every area! When the challenge ended, I was more determined than ever to keep going. Since then, I’ve maintained positive eating and workout habits. I now have a Moro Performance membership, and have continued to see strength and weight loss results! The greatest result, however, is that now there’s no doubt in my mind that I can achieve my fitness goals!!

My membership with this gym began after I completed the six-week challenge! I’ve been obese my entire life, and I’m sick of it. I pursued the challenge because I wanted to lose weight, and because I want to feel better about myself mentally and physically. Thanks to the trainers at Moro, I accomplished those goals, despite having more work to do. Since becoming a member, I’ve lost 5 more pounds! What I admire most about Moro Performance are the instructors and people within it. I am still a beginner in many ways. Despite initially not being able to lift much weight, they never judged me. They don’t hesitate to have me lift only what I can handle in order to get my form and technique down on different lifts. Overall, they’re extremely supportive of my goals and I feel like part of a family when I’m here. They’re there for me when I struggle, whether with workout routines or attending sessions. I’m thankful for this gym and these people!”


“I started at Moro Performance at the end of August last year (2016). I had lost about fifty pounds at the time I started their challenge class and I knew the fourth quarter at work would probably ruin all the hard work I had done to lose the weight. With the imminent future holding out stress of my job, grieving of close family members, various parties and major holidays I knew I could not maintain the weight loss without serious change from what I had done in the past. That is when I was on Facebook and saw Moro Performance. This was the change I was looking for, but I was scared because I could not perform sit ups, pushups or running in any capacity and had never heard of CrossFit before beginning.

The challenge class was three times a week for six weeks. On our very first class, Lisa Wishmann (co-owner/trainer) took a picture of our group after our workout. I remember distinctly having to literally crawl on the floor to pose for the picture. My fears for the first class included being too heavy or big, not having stamina, being the oldest one there, getting hurt, gaining weight or simply giving up. I soon learned that I was among people that had some or most of my own challenges and we would inspire each other to be our best.

At CrossFit there is no showmanship, no cockiness or ego trips allowed because everyone is different and constantly challenging themselves at different levels. Personally, I was just about always the slowest at timed activities and had the least amount of weight on the bar, however I was the one most encouraged by others regardless of their own skill level.

The training team at Moro Performance guided us at all times during the challenge so that we would be safe and encouraged to meet goals. You do not know what the goals for the class will be until you get there and see what is planned for the day on the display board. This, in my opinion, was a nice feature because we could not anticipate what was in store for us for the workouts, thus we could not make excuses like, “oh I don’t want to do that today!” or “that’s too hard for me.” Instead once we got ourselves to the gym, we surprised ourselves with what we could do and by later in the challenge we surpassed what we once thought were our own “limitations.”

My personal transformation at the gym occurred when I was able to do things that I never thought were possible, when I overcame my personal fears in my own mind. That “overthinking” voice soon learned to quiet as I became more familiar with movements and concentrated in building strength to my body’s core. By the end of the challenge I was at my personal best in countless ways. Most impressive was being physically fit like never before!

As a result, I was down to my goal weight (135 lbs) and fitting into sizes (size 4 jeans!) that I had never been able to wear even as a teenager! My kids 18, 16, 13 and my husband supported me by eating healthy and encouraging me to join Moro Performance after the challenge. No longer are we consuming processed foods, sugars and unhealthy fats. Instead it’s fruits, vegetables, hummus, almonds and of course water, water, water.

The hardest thing about this challenge, or life in general, is to honor and love yourself enough to do what is right for your body. Eating healthy and exercise (through CrossFit!) clears your mind tremendously, helps you set/reach goals and most importantly affords you the chance to live life to the vey fullest in the healthiest way possible. Please come to the gym for you and for your health, you will not be disappointed in what you are able to accomplish.

Thank you very much to Lisa, Ben, Danni and Anthony. They are the very best of the best trainers and Moro Performace is the perfect gym for me! I thank each of them for the catalyst of change that the six-week challenge represents on my own personal health and fitness journey. “

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