Personal Training is an individualized approach to fitness. A strength coach will have a consultation with you prior to your first session to discuss your needs, goals and limitations – if any are present. During your session, 100% of your coach’s attention will be on you. Team training consists of strength and conditioning sessions customized to your sport’s specific demands.


Mequon CrossFit Mortalis: Constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. CrossFit is the community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together. Our programming is general, and therefore, any fitness level or specialist background can participate and benefit from our CrossFit training. Our most popular class!


Youth classes are a great way to teach healthy habits at an early age. Our Little Ropers program is designed specifically for kids aged 6 to 11. We focus on proper movement technique and improvement of overall motor function. Your children will learn basic bodyweight exercises, play fitness games, improve their agility, balance and coordination all while having fun with other kids in class.

“Uncommon valor was a common virtue.”

Admiral Nimitz’s ringing epitome of WW2 fight at Iwo Jimo, the largest all-Marine battle in history


“The gym is a place where people change, improve and evolve. It is a place that signifies our seeking of better; where we fight for a version of ourselves that is stronger today than yesterday.”

Moro Performance provides personal training, CrossFit classes, gymnastics classes, weightlifting classes, and youth training to fitness enthusiasts of Ozaukee and the surrounding greater Milwaukee area. We are located in the Mequon industrial park, with close proximity to the Interurban Trail.

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